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Acetic Acid

A kind of weak acid group that is only partially dissociated in aqueous solution.
It is a pure chemical compound (99.8%), with miscibility to water, alcohol, ether.

Synonym: Ethanoic acid, vinegar acid

Chemical Formula: CH3COOH

Appearance: Clear colourless liquid

Application: -As a raw material for certain chemical compound production such as Ethyl Acetate, Vinyl Acetate
-As a solvent recrystallization
-Food additive (acidulant) , as a source of vinegar
-Textile printing, pharmaceutical and rubber industry
-Used in clinical laboratory to lyse red blood cells for cell countings

Physical Properties: Pungent odor, combustible
Melting Point = 16.63 °C
Boiling Point = 118 °C
Specific Gravity = 1.0492
Viscosity = 1.22 cps

Packing: 30 kg/can

Origin: Acidatama, Jepang

Acetic acid (%)99.8
Acetaldehyde (ppm)104
Formic acid (ppm)202
Water insoluble(ppm)450