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Calcium Hypochlorite

Considered as a relative stable chemical compound and has a great amount of chlorine. It is soluble in water with release of chlorine gas, which is a general biocide substance killing germs, micro-organisms, algae.

Synonym: Bleaching powder

Chemical Formula: Ca(ClO)2

Appearance: White powder

Application: -As a bleaching agent in paper and textile industry
-Used to remove moss and algae
-Used as an ingredient for production of chloroform
-Used to bleach sugar cane in sugar industry
-As a disinfectant for swimming pool

Physical Properties: Toxic
MP 177 oC
SG 2.35

Packing: 15 kg/pail

Origin: Tjiwi Kimia

Ca(ClO)2 (%)60
NaCl (%)17
Ca(OH)2 (%)4
CaCO3 (%)3
CaCl2 (%)3