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Formic Acid

The simplest carboxylic acid, an important intermediate in chemical synthesis and occurs naturally, most notably in the venom of bee and ant stings.
It is soluble in water and alcohol. It dilutes polyvinyl alcohol (PVC).

Synonym: Methanoic acid

Chemical Formula: HCOOH

Appearance: Colourless, fuming liquid

Application: -Used to process organic latex into raw rubber
-Used in dyeing and finishing textile industry
-Used as solvents in perfumery industry
-Used in leather treatment

Physical Properties: Penetrating odor, combustible
MP 8.40 oC
BP 100.80 oC
SG 1.22
Viscosity 1.57 cp

Packing: 25 kg/can, 35 kg/can

Origin: Sintas

HCOOH (%)90
Cl (%)0.003
SO4 (%)0.001
Fe (%)0.0001