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Hydrogen Peroxide

The most environmental friendly chemical product that decomposes to water and oxygen, slightly more viscous than water. It is soluble in water and alcohol, has strong oxidizing properties, and a powerful bleaching agent.

Chemical Formula: H2O2

Appearance: Clear colourless liquid

Application: -Used for bleaching and deodorizing textile, wood, pulp industry
-As a source of organic and inorganic peroxide compound
-As a viscosity controller for starch and cellulose derivatives
-Used for metal refining and cleaning
-Used for oxidizing chemical compounds, chemical polisher and waste water treatment

Physical Properties: Environmental friendly
BP 150.2 oC
viscosity 1.245 centipoise (cp)

Packing: 35 kg/can , 1.000 kg/tank

Origin: PIP

Concentration (%)50
Total carbon (ppm)100
Evaporation residue (ppm)200
JIS stability97