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Phosporic Acid

An acid that can be applied directly to rusted iron surfaces to convert the rust into fresh metal surface, it is soluble in water and alcohol.

Synonym: Orthophosphoric acid, phosphoric(V) acid

Chemical Formula: H3PO4

Appearance: Colourless liquid

Application: -Used to acidify foods and beverages
-Used as a catalyst in ethanol production
-As a cleaner to remove mineral deposits and hard water stain
-As a pH controller in cosmetics production
-As a chemical oxidizing agent

Physical Properties: Toxic, irritant
MP 42.35 oC
SG 1.834

Packing: 35 kg/can

Origin: China

H3PO4 (%)85
Cl (%)0.0005
SO4 (%)0.003
As (%)0.002
Fe (%)0.005
Pb (%)0.001