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Sodium Benzoate

An excellent food preservative, used in various kinds of food ingredients including sauce, pickles, jam, preserved beancurd, fruit juice, soda. Soluble in water and alcohol.

Chemical Formula: C7H5O2Na

Appearance: White crystal

Application: -Used as a food preservative, an antiseptic
-Used in pharmaceutical preparation
-Used in anticorrosion processing of toothpaste, ink, adhesive
-Used in organic chemical industry

Physical Properties: Odorless, combustible
MP 300 oC
Density 1.44 g/cm3

Packing: 25 kg/bag

Origin: China

C7H5O2Na (%)99
As (%)0.0002
SO4 (%)0.1
Pb (%)0.001
Cl (%)0.03
Water Insoluble (%)1.5