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Sulfuric Acid

The most widely used industrial chemical, soluble in water, very reactive, able to dissolve most kind of metals.

Synonym: Hydrogen sulphate, battery acid

Chemical Formula: H2SO4

Appearance: Dense, oily liquid

Application: -Used as a catalyst in alkylation processing
-Used as a electroplating bath
-Used in fertilizer, chemicals, iron and steel, explosives industry
-Used in dyes and pigments processing

Physical Properties: Strongly corrosive, colourless liquid
MP 10.4 oC
BP 338 oC
SG 1.84

Packing: 35 kg/can

H2SO4 (%)98
Cl (ppm)9.8
NO3 (ppm)4.6
Fe (ppm)51
Pb (ppm)53