Company Profile

Workplace Safety


There are hazards in working areas, which may be harmful to people who are engaged in the environment, and the work environment itself. Hazard is an uncontrolled situation that happens along with harmful adverse because of the situation misconduct. Thus, a program is created to control the emerging possibility of hazard in the source potential location. This location must be assessed and analyzed through an identifying process as it later will deliver a program of prevention.

In order to construct lists of preventions, it demands any assessments of risks. The assessment evaluates any risks in the workplace that must be shrunk to the lowest level as reasonably in practice. This is a periodically reviewed assessment, thus it must be on schedule every certain time.

There are classifications of hazards in group category, such as mechanical hazard, chemical hazard, biological hazard, etc. In this case, we serve the risk assessment of hazard precaution regarding to the chemical of hydrogen peroxide. We and the principle are very concerned about the hazards that may occur during the use or storage of the chemical. Thus, the information about safety handling is the main priority.

Retail Store


We serve selling by retail for:

  • Industrial Chemicals (acids, bases/soda, solvents, surfactants, phosphates, water treatment etc)
  • Adhesives (epoxy resin, paper, wood lamination)
  • Laboratory Instruments (scale & balance, hotplate stirrer, hygrometer, Ph meter, DO meter, etc
  • Pro analysis Chemicals
  • Laboratory Glass wares
  • Perfumeries / Fragrances (alcohol or natural body fragrance, industrial fragrance)
  • Demineralized Water
  • Household necessities (hand soap, floor liquid wash, dish liquid wash, ceramic liquid wash, insecticide, plastic wrap, room fragrance, camphor, etc)

We offer a very competitive price along with fine quality product, and also we have trade promotion that organizes free give away item for a certain amount of purchase.